About Me


About Me: Technology Enthusiast

As a person who’s always been interested in computers, business and technology, I have never once lost motivation to expand my horizons and keep learning about it. My attitude and aptitude comprise as my highest qualities. I am eager to take up new challenges to grow and develop professionally.

💼 Work Experience

Currently, I am working for BCU as part of its Ambassador Scheme. More specifically, I am a figure of recruitment working hard to engage prospective students and ensure they have a wonderful time during their open & applicant taster days. Formerly, worked as an Administrator / Accounts Assistant at Dorota C Accountancy to aid in the company’s transition into the 21st century.

🎓 Education

Actively studying for my Bachelor’s degree at BCU with a predicted First-Class target to aim for. Before that, I have achieved an astonishing A*AA during my T-Level (BTEC Diploma) studies.

🌍 Volunteering

I believe that generosity is a quality we all share. I have volunteered in multiple roles around the places of education I have been in. On top of that, I personally donate my computing power on a regular basis to run simulations of protein folding aiding the development of cures for global health threats.

💾 Projects

I undertook many projects to boost my portfolio and understand the essence of leadership related to IT projects. Recently, I have participated in the annual BCU Innovation Fest and entered with my project (FrameON) to reduce the amount of e-waste swimming in our oceans.

🎖️ Awards

At times my work is recognised and I am rewarded for it. Recently, I have taken part in BCU’s Graduate+ program which encourages students to go above and beyond to become more employable in the future. Previously, I have also been awarded the Hew Watt award by USP College which celebrates a student contributing to the social and cultural life in college.

🪪 Certifications

It is imperative to stay abreast of new industry trends and technologies. That is the motivation necessary to understand these technologies by earning industry recognisable certifications. A few that I have on show are from Microsoft, Cisco and Python.